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Supporting Hospice Care

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Hospice Thrift Shop

Our Hospice Thrift Shop is no ordinary store. The retail space is generously donated by Hardcastle Ltd. The proceeds have helped and continues to help sustain programs and services at the Fort Nelson Hospice Society’s Hospice Centre; by providing companionate bereavement care to individuals and families in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.

The items they sell are donated by generous members of the public. The warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by staff and volunteers have made the Hospice Thrift Shop an essential part of the community.

Helping the Planet

Shopping at the Hospice Thrift Shop is not only easy on the pocketbook; it’s also good for the environment. In buying gently used clothing and household items you are helping by keeping things in circulation and out of our landfills. Also, in donating items you no longer use it helps support a good cause. You are actively participating in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) — while helping build and sustain community.

We are grateful to our donors and shoppers for making our special Hospice Thrift Shop –our great big mission—a reality.

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